Our upcycled range is made from preowned clothing that we have breathed new life into by turning it into bags, creating something new from waste!  These bags are like people, unique, one of a kind and have their own quirks,


We love using our grocery bags for picking up loose fruit and vegetables from the supermarket or trips to the bulk store. 


1) Pink Stripe - 21 cm w x 23 cm H 

2) Pink Stripe - 15cm W x 23 cm H

3) Pink Stripe  - 18cm W x 25cm H

4) Blue Stripe 19 cm W x 23 cm H

5) Multi Check - 22 cm W x 31 cm H

6) Multi Check - 20cm W x 22cm H

7) Purple Check - 21cm W x 23cm H

8) Blue Spot - 14.5 cm W x 22.5 cm H

9) Red Spot - 18 cm W x 17 cm H

10) Red Spot - 19 cm W x 21 cm H

11) Red Spot - 16 cm W x 23 cm  H

12) White Check - 21 cm W x 32 cm H

13) White Check - 21 cm W x 21 cm H

14) Pastel Stripe - 23cm W x 20cm H

15) Cream Stripe - 16 cm w x 15 cm H

16) Leopard Print - 16 cm W x 21 cm H

17) Leopard Print - 22 cm W x 24 cm H

18) Khaki - 20 cm W x 24 cm H

19) Grey -27 cm W x 28 cm H

20) Green Stripe - 23cm W x 25cm H


All upcycled bags are subject to stock, if a bag is out of stock we will aim to send you the closest match. 


We will be adding new bags to this range all the time so don't forget to check back or follow us on Instagram for updates.




*Please note the sizings listed above are a rough guide.*



  • Machine washable at 30 degrees.

    Wash with similar colours. 

    Line dry.