Sustainable Valentines Ideas

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I've put together some ideas for Valentine's day gifts that have a sustainable twist, featuring some of my favorite brands and my own recipes. So whether you're spending Valentine's day with your significant other, trying to impress your crush or hanging out with your best friends, there are some ideas for everyone.

  1. CARDS

Make your own

Dig out your colouring pencils and get sketching, everyone loves a handmade card.

Recycle last years

Why not start a new tradition and regift last year's Valentine day card? To the same person obviously... or that could get awkward. Check out this cute story about this couple that recycled the same Valentine's day card for 70 years!!

Think Loop Loop - Give a valentines day card that keeps giving, Sophie makes hand-drawn cards on plantable paper. Plant them in spring and wildflowers will grow.


If you want to treat yourself or someone special to some new Lingerie this Valentines day then why not check out these small lingerie brands doing things differently.

Brighton Lace

Made in Brighton by an all-female team. I brought myself a set from Brighton Lace before Christmas and I absolutely love them, plus they've been kind enough to donate their offcuts to me to get creative with (watch this space)

Lara Intimates

Made in London, Lara intimates make an inclusive range of bras from responsibly sourced deadstock fabric and operate a zero-waste policy for offcut materials.


Homemade Peanut butter cups

Make your own?

Why not try making these salted caramel chocolates or peanut butter cups? They're so easy to make and only require 2-3 ingredients per recipe. They'll go down a treat. Click here for the recipe.

If you're looking for shop brought chocolates why not choose a slavery-free brand such as Tony's Chocolonely and look for palm oil-free brands also.


Photo by Sarah Boyle on Unsplash

Instead of buying gifts for each other why not buy memories instead? Book yourselves onto a cooking class, chocolate making workshop or a craft workshop such as ceramics. You'll get to spend quality time together as well as learning a new skill.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Flowers are a massive part of Valentine's day but before you dash out and buy a dozen red roses I urge you to read this really interesting post by Ethical Unicorn on sustainable floristry.

If you want to buy your loved ones some flowers this year here's some things you can do to make them a bit more sustainable -

Buy them from a local supplier

Forage or grow your own

Support sustainable florists.

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