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Updated: Mar 26, 2020

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Hello everyone,

I thought I'd share with you a list of the small things I've been enjoying during this weird and uncertain time that we're going through. As I'm sure you all know most of the UK other than key workers are social distancing and only meant to be going out once a day for exercise. Yesterday I was talking to my boyfriend about how much you appreciate something when it's very limited, walking outside in the sunshine for example.

I've been working from home since August last year so my day to day routine hasn't really changed all too much. However, I previously prioritized an hour's gym session every day and weekly trips into London for meetings to get me out and socialising as well. During the last week, I've been trying to refocus on small habits I can create at home.

1. Cat Meffan's Yoga Videos

If I don't become a yogi during this time period, I never will. I'm really trying to build up a routine yoga practise and have been enjoying Cat's easy to follow yoga videos. It's really easy to find a video that fits into your schedule as she has loads of videos that range from 15 mins to 45 mins so whether I'm looking for a quick morning stretch or a bit more of a workout I can find something.

2. Wunder Workshop Tea - I'm a big green tea drinker and normally I drink loose leaf tea however at the beginning of last week I ran out. Luckily I still have some of the Wunder Workshop Golden Spirit Tea in my cupboard. It's perfect for my 4 pm tea break and it's not caffeinated either. I brought mine from Zero Living after trying it at a few of their events last year.

3. Banana Bread - So it's only been a week and I've already baked and eaten 2 loaves of banana bread! Oops. Mainly because I had so many overripe bananas that needed using up and now more than ever I'm conscious I don't want to waste any food. I've been using this really easy Vegan recipe and its delicious.

4. Soap - Wierd favorite but hey these are the times we're living in at the moment. Last week we were running dangerously low on handsoap so I purchased the Bean & Boy natural vegan soap bundle from The Kind Store. I've got one in my kitchen, one in my bathroom and a third in the shower as a body wash. They smell amazing and foam up really easily. Plus I'm using up every pot of hand cream I've ever been given.

5. Podcast - I always listen to podcasts while I'm working, going on a run or out on a walk. I have a few favourite podcasts including The Guilty Feminist, Connecting People by Sabinna and CTRL ALT DELETE by Emma Gannon. I'm also about to listen to, Women at Work by Harvard Business Review which has been recommended to me several times. Of course, you can listen to the first season of my podcast, The Agnes LDN podcast as well. I'm working on season 2 currently.

I hope you're all staying safe and well.

Sophie x

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