New Year's Habits for the Planet

Happy New Year! We're at that point in the year again where we resolved to change our ways, quit various habits and start new ones such as go to the gym, etc. Now we're a week into 2020 some of those resolutions may have already fallen to the wayside so I thought I'd put together some simple habits we can all adopt to for the sake of our planet health and our own health.


Something I'm trying to do this year is to spend more time offline and finding hobbies that don't include using technology. In the UK people spend on average 24 hours a week on their mobile phones. Why not disconnect from our digital lives and get outside and reconnect with the world around us by going on walks without our phones. I've been trying to read more in the evenings rather than scrolling and drawing as well. walk, go to the toilet without your phone. environmental impact of phones

Recently I was listening to Tanya Goodin on the Deliciously Ella podcast and she was talking about making changes as simple as not taking our phones to the toilet with us. More facts on the digital detoxes and using our phones can be found here.

Quick Beach clean finds

2. 2 min CLEAN UP'S

We can all spare 2 minutes from our day, right? Whether it's on the street, in the park or on the beach, spending 2 minutes a day picking up rubbish can make a big difference. Picking up litter means it is less likely to end up in our waterways and makes our immediate environment more enjoyable to look at. You could also join fun events such as Plastic Patrol paddleboarding or yoga events or document your finding's in their app to help their university study. Or use the hashtag #2minutebeachclean on social media to support the 2-minute foundation.

Swap Rebellion Speed Swap


Have you thought about having a No Buy year? Instead of buying new this year you could swap instead. Whether it's a new outfit you're after or a new book, there's probably someone willing to swap with you. Stories Behind Things, Swap Rebellion and Swap Shop LDN run clothes swaps in London and Book Swap Club also host regular book swaps. If you're not based in London, you can see if there's a swap local to you or get all your friends together and arrange one.

Agnes LDN Upcycling Workshop


Want to learn a new skill this year? How about learning to repair or upcycle your belongings to help divert them from landfill? For example, a broken mug can be turned into a candle, a jumper with a hole in it can be darned or clothing can be repaired. We run upcycling workshops all over London teaching people sewing skills that can be used to maintain your wardrobes. There are loads of other fantastic workshops around that teach skills such as darning etc. Also Clothes Doctor share loads of tips on how to repair your clothes.

If you can't make it to workshops, there will be loads of videos on Youtube and you can get loads of upcycling inspiration from Pinterest.


When I started trying to reduce my plastic consumption, there were a few swaps that seemed more daunting than others, using a safety razor for example. Why not make a list of swaps you want to make this year and try a new one each month.

Guaranteed the swaps will be easier than you think. You can also join facebook groups such as the Living Consciously Crew and Slow Fashion Exchange to find like-minded people and get advice for products and swaps for a low waste lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions. Have you got any habits you're trying to work on this year for the sake of the planet? Let me know

Sophie x

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