Maternity Wardrobe - Anti Haul


As soon as I found out I was expecting a baby I was on YouTube looking for DIY maternity clothing ideas and tips for dressing during pregnancy that did not involve spending a tonne of money on a whole new wardrobe, I was so disappointed that I could only find haul videos.

I was not about to head to the nearest high street shop and stock up on clothing that I would only wear for a few months of my life.

In this video, I am sharing with you what I have been wearing during my pregnancy and my tips for maintaining a sustainable wardrobe throughout pregnancy.

I would love to know what you think of this video and if you'd like me to make another one once I've navigated the world of nursing clothing!

Maternity Photoshoot by Imogen Florence Photography -

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This video is not sponsored. Everything shown in this video I purchased myself.

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