Planning on going travelling this year? Imogen from @immyaroundtheworld shares with us her experiences of travelling on a plant based diet!

Trying new foods whilst travelling is one of my most favourite reasons to visit a new country. One of my most asked questions when going abroad is 'don't you find it hard to be vegan whilst travelling?' No! I actually find it incredibly easy. Eating a plant based diet for 4 years now, I am very much used to knowing what I do and don't/ can and won't consume.

Since 2016 I have visited Morocco and South East Asia twice, the Middle East, spent what felt like a lifetime in India, as well as a few stops in Europe on the way. Continuing to eat a plant based diet in these places didn't prove to be an issue at all with a little help of my Lonely Planet Guide book food descriptions and translations (my travel bibles) and Google when the wifi was ready and available. I have tried many exciting, new, strange and interesting foods abroad with a little research beforehand as well, to see what vegan foods I shouldn't miss out on in a new country. For example in Malaysia - cendol and ais kacang, the unusual national sweet dishes are vegan and a must try!

I choose to take a relaxed approach to my way of eating as I don't think the fear of having no food is an option to worry about, which is what I would say to anyone who would fear travelling whilst vegan. There will always be fruits, vegetables, rice, bread and chips wherever you go in the world, so with that in mind, me and my backpack and packet of almonds snacks are always prepared to explore the world. (Travel snacks are always handy for emergencies to avoid hanger - nuts, seeds, dried fruits, bananas...)

Trying local and traditional Thai street food from the night markets. Mango sticky rice and a variety of vegetable rolls - about £3 in total

One of my favourite things to do whenever I arrive in a new place is to Google the nearest vegan restaurant and has straight there - it is surprising how even the most unlikely places will have a cute vegan shack set up. Some of my favourite accidental vegan finds abroad are: Zest Cafe,- Palolem, Goa, The Avocado Show- Amsterdam, and Anchan,Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Ladies and a gentleman taking a rest at the Taj Mahal, India

Vegetarian dishes are often, or have been, the staple dish of many of the places I have visited in the last few years. India is famous for it's array of vegan and vegetarian curries and dishes, from daals to dosas, vegetable cous cous and steaming tajines in Morocco, pineapple fried rice in Malaysia, fresh coconut juice, Thai soups and exotic smoothie bowls, juicy olives and fava in Greece, mushroom pierogi in Krakow, and hummus, tabouleh and crispy falafel in the Middle East.

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