DIY Scarf bag

I am going to be showing you how to make your very own scarf bag. A week or so ago I was browsing And other stories website looking for some jumpsuit inspiration and this scarf bag caught my eye. It looked pretty simple so I thought I’d try and recreate it.

I brought these bamboo bags handles online from MacCulloch and Wallis, they’re based in Soho in London and I go in there quite a bit for supplies under normal circumstances, so super grateful that their webshop is still up and running.

For the scarf I didn’t have a square one but I did take a look on eBay and there were plenty on there however I decided to use up some fabric I already had. I was given a bunch of fabric hangers by a friend who works in the industry that would’ve otherwise gone to waste so that felt a little bit lower waste and cheaper than buying a scarf.

The original scarf bag I saw retailed for £45 and I wanted to try and make this as cheaply as possible. In the end it cost me £6.75 for the bamboo handles. I noticed that the one on online also has a zip in it which seems like a good idea for extra security aha, so I’m going to try and add a zip to mine.

I have a few zips lying around and I’m just going to use one of them. I’m not too bothered that it’s a different colour as it won't be seen when the bag is being held.

I’m going to use two layers of this fabric put together to make it a bit thicker and hopefully make the bag sturdier. Let's face it though this is not exactly going to be a practical bag, more of a statement item.

I’ve got two squares (insert measurement here) as this fabric is quite slippery I’m going to put a few pins in it before I start sewing.

Right sides of the fabric together.

I’m literally going to sew all around the edge with a 1cm seam allowance. I will leave part of the square not sewn up so that I can turn it the right way round after.

And I’m going to sew the open-ended zip in at this point as well. Im pinning the zip into the centre of these two opposite sides.

Once I’ve done this, I’m going to turn it through the whole and give it a quick press with the iron, on a low heat so I don’t melt the fabric.

When using a fabric like this I’d always recommend testing the temp of the iron on a corner of the fabric so if it is too hot you don’t burn a hole in the centre of your fabric - been there.

I’m going to topstitch around the square now and that will close up the hole I left open as well

Another way I could’ve done this would’ve just been to use one square of fabric and hem it but I just thought this would be longer lasting.

Now my ‘scarf’ is ready I’m literally going to tie all four corners to the bamboo hoops.

It’s really satisfying, how easy this bag is to make and it would be such a cute bag to go with summer dresses, make sure you subscribe to my channel as I more ideas for easy DIY bags. The zip is optional to be honest, you could just have a mix of different scarves and mix it up on different days. If you already have a square scarf you can literally just tie it on.

To finish off, I am just going to hand stitch the knots as when I tested this the other day one of them came undone and my phone fell out aha.

To do this I’m doing a really rough hand stitch, nothing particularly technical.

So there you have it! A £45 bag for under £7! I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you thought in the comments below and if you give this at home don’t forget to tag me @agnesldn

Before you go be sure to subscribe to my channel as I will be uploading more videos on Sewing, DIY, and sustainable fashion every week.

Thanks for watching it.

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